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Specialty Cleaning and All Other Cleaning Services

Specialty Cleaning and All Other Cleaning Services

Refrigerator Cleaning Interior

We clean inside the refrigerator (exterior included automatically with all the other services). Please defrost the freezer in advance if you need to clean interior. Average completion time will vary depending on how large of a refrigerator and how dirty.

Oven Deep Cleaning

We clean the inside of your oven (exterior included automatically with all the other services).

Interior Window Washing

We wash window sills automatically. But, if you want us to wash the inside windows please ask us for this service.


Dust blinds or shades. 


We clean baseboards. This is not included with routine cleaning. This can be included with your deep cleaning service. 

Ceiling Fans

Dust and wipe clean ceiling fans.

Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinets (Interior)

We clean the inside of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets by request. If you empty the cabinets it will save you time and lower the cost for this service.


We do dishes by hand or in the dishwasher. This may be included with your weekly cleaning service or you can request this if you are not already a weekly customer.

Walls and Spot Cleaning

We clean walls and spot cleaning on baseboards by request.

Laundry Service

We will wash and dry your laundry. You must have a washer or dryer available in your home or apartment building available to us onsite. Please separate your whites and colors. You must provide the laundry detergent and coins (if needed). 

Pet Hair or Mess Cleaning

We remove all pet hair from floors or furniture. We can help you deep clean your pet's area. We clean and sanitize this area upon request.

Change Bed Linens

We can wash your linens or you provide clean ones for us to change.

Door Frames and Light Switches

Wipe down all door frames and lights swiches.

Carpet Deodorizing and Room Fresheners

We can add that extra clean and fresh scent to your home. Just ask us about this option.

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